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You wan be momma-mm: Who'll! low hood- In a wrwwhvwoiwmdmwoatom - Mmflflh-flmh wouldwood-woow wow-Too ':- _ - - ihwtdoir'bolt ihnulfl'nuggllgal your body. '

The lap pan of 1m: boll xhnuld be worm low and snug on the I1ips,ju:sl touching Ll'lc Ihighs. lo a crash, this applies. force to the sorting polvir: bones. And j-‘l'HJ'd be less likely to slide under the lap hell. If you slid under iT. the belt would apply force at your abdomen. This could cause serious or even l'am! injuries. The shoulder bell should go over like xhoulder and across the chest. Those path; of the body an: hoot able to lake be]: restraining forces.

0 To unlaleh the bell.just pua-h the humor: 0n the buckle.

The safety bell locks. if Ihere's a sudden slop or a crash.


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