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2. Push the, latch plate in!“ 111:: huckic until it clicks.

3. To make, the lap pan tight. pull drawn mm the buckl:

Il'lhc Inch SEE-phi bath“: '1! reaches the buckle. tilt "1|: ”1"] "1' ll“: be“ as you PM up on the Shoulder Pm‘ latch plan: and lint]: pulling umil you can buckle it.

Pull up on the latch plan: [u make sure it 1'9; secure.

lf1he belt ix not lnng enough. 5m: ”Safcty Bell Extends: r“ at [he and M this amnion. Make sure {he release button on the buckle in pnsiliuned em you wall-Id be able to unbuckle the RBI-Ely hull quickly if you ever had to.


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