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The best way re: prnlcul the I‘elus is. to pmteel the number. When a safety belt is worn pmpurly, it‘s more likely shut the fetus»; wnn‘L be hurt in a crash. Fer pregrumt women. as for anyone, 111:: key [0 making safely hells effective as wearing them properly.

Right Front Passenger Position

The right from pasxenger '5 safety bell works the same way as the driver‘x 5.11m}; belt. See “Driver Position." earlier in this pan.

0 Adjust the seat no see how. see “Seam" in 111‘”: Index; so you can 5i: up Hmighl. Move your seat far ennugh fur ward lhflt your feet touch the mm 111' the ear that is called lhe “lcsehnard” {A}. That way you'd be less: likely to slide under the lap belt in :1 unis h.


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