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the vehicle, nor will it hinder the occupants from exiting the vehicle.

l The air bag is designed to inflate only once. After it inflates. you'll need some new pans for your air bag system. Il you don't get them. [he air bag system won't be there to help protect you in another crash. A. new system will include the air bag module and possibly other pans. The service manual has in formation about the need to replace other parts.

I Your vehicle is equipped with a diagnostic module, which records information about the air bag system ifthe air bag deploys duri ng a crash. The module records information about the readiness of the system. which sensors activated the deployment. and whether the driver's safety belt was in use.

i Let only qualified technicians work on your air bag system. Improper service can mean that your air bag

system won‘t work properly. See your dealer for service.


If you damage the cover for the driver‘s air bag, it

may MI WDI'll flrUDIB-‘l'ljl'. You may l‘lfl'li'B ID replace the air hag on the steering wheel. Do not open or

break the air bag cover.

Is the smoke from an air bag inflation harmful?

The particles emitted during air bag inflation are not harmful to most people. Some people with respiratory aiimean may experience difficulty breathing if they stay in the vehicle with the windows closed after air bag inflation. So. if your air bag inflates. you and any passengers should exit the vchiclc iii and when it is sale to do so. If you or your passengers can 't get out of the vehicle. try to get fresh air by opening a window. turning on the fan. or opening a door.

Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Buick System The air bag affects how your Buick should be serviced.

There are parts of the air bag system in several places around your vehicle. You don‘t want the system to


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