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Air Bag Readiness Light How The Air Bag System Works

There is an air bag readiness light rm iht: instrument panel, which shows “AIR BAG." The system checks for electrical mall'unetiuns. tint] the light [Lillh' you if there is £1 problem.

‘t'tJu will set: this light flash

[er :1 few Stmnds when you

turn your ignition to “Run"

or "Strut." Then the light AIH should gt} nuL which lTlGfll'lH BAG the system is ready.

Remember, ifthe air bag. readiness: light deexn't [.‘IJITlE on when you start your vehicle. or stat-5 on. or eetnea on

when you are driving. your air bag system may not work _ _ . . _ . _ proper]! Haw: yum vehicle sen-iced 145111 aw“): Thh: dimer .‘i an bag it; In the mtddie eithe steering w e .

W hen is an air bag expected to inflate?

Where is the air bag?

The tiir hug iH designed in inflate in moderate In severe imnlal nr near—l'rttnlal crashes. The air hag will rtnljtr inllute iFIhe velocity ni'lhe impact ix al‘l-D'L'E‘ the designed


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