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Safetyr Belt Warning Light

1When the key is turned to "Run" or “Start," a chime Wit] come on for about eight seconds to remind people to fasten their safety belts. unless the driver's safetyr belt is already buckled.

The safety[ belt light will also some on and stay on for 2i] seconds. then it will flash for an additional 55 seconds. If the driver‘s belt is ahead},I buckled, oeilher the chime nor Ilse light will come on.

How To Wear Safetyr Belts Properly


This section is onlyr for people of adult size.

Be aware that there are special things to know about satietyl belts and children. And there are difiemt rules for smaller children and babies. If a child will be riding in your Buick, see the section after this one. called “Children.” Follow Ihose rules for everyone‘s protection.

first. you'll want to know which restraint systems your vehicle has.

We'll start with the driver position.

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