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If you want an additional ordering form for an index or a You can get these by using the order form: auboct‘iption.just call toll-free and we'll be happy to send you one. Automated recording cq uipmenl will talo:

your name and mailing address. The number to call! is l—iitl'J-SSI-4I23.

Copies at Participating Dealers

Copies. of Indexes and individual PSP'S are at your panieipating Buick dealer. 12(qu can ask to see 11mm.

A VERY LNLP'ORTANT REMINDER: These PSP‘s are meant for technicians. They are not meant for the

“do-it—yourselfer." Techru' clans have the equipment. tools. safety instructions. and know-how to do a job quickly and safely.


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