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Individual PSP’s

If you don't want to buy all the PSP’s issued by GM for all models in the model year. you can buy individual PSI-"a, such as those which may pertain to a particular model. To do this. you will first need to see our index of PSP‘s. It provides a variety of information. Here's what you'll find in the index and how you can get one:

What You’ll Find in the Index:

I A list of all PSP‘s published by GM in a model year [I990 or later}. PSP's covering all models of GM

care are listed in the same index. I Ordering infonnation so you can buy the specific PSP's you may want.

i Price infonrtation for the PSP‘s you may want to buy.

How You Can Get an Index:

Indexes are published periodically. Most of Ilte P5P”; which could potentially apply to the most recent Buick rnrxiels will be listed in the most recent publication for that model year. This rneans you may want to wait unlil the end of the nmdei year before ordering an index. if you are interested in buying PSP's pertaining to a current model year car or truck.

Some PSP‘s pertaining to a particular model year vehicle may be published in later years. and these would be listed in the later year's index. When you orderan index for a model year that is not over yet. we‘ll send you the most recently published issue. Check the ordering form for indexes for earlier model years.

Cut out the ordering form. fill it out, and mail it in. We will then sea to it that an index is mailed to you. There is no charge for indexes for the 1990' | 994- model years.


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