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Roadside Assistance

Buick Motor Division is proud to offer Buick Roadside Assistance to customers for vehicles covered under the new car warranty during the 3s montht'fioflm mile {Whichever comes first}.

Our commitment to Buick owners has always included superior service through our network of 33MB Buick dealers. Buick Roadside Assistance provides an extra measure of convenience and security providing once again that Buick is “The Nest Symbol for Quality in America.“

Buick Roadside Assi stance

Provides timers with access to minor repairs or towing for disabled vehicles.

Takes the anxiety out of uncertain situations by providing easy access to service professionals trained to work with Buick owners. 24-hour a tiny1 365 days a year. including weekends and holidays.

For details of Buick Roadside Assistance. please consult your Buick Roadside Assistance owner booklet included rwith your owner's manual. For needed assistance. call the Buick Roadside Assistance toll-free hotiine: 1w300-252-i [12.

Canada Roadside Assistance

Vehicles purchased in Canada have an extensive Roadside Assistance program accessible from anywhere

in Canada or the Lass. Please refer to the septaalc brochure provided by the dealer or call ivBDflwlfiSrE-EIJJ

for emergency services.


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