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gm -- if after contacting a member of dealemhip management. it appears your concern cannot be resolved by the dealership without further help, contact the Buick Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-500—52 | 4300. In Canada. contact GM of Canada Customer Assistance Center in Oshawa by calling l-Eflfl-Zfifi 41??? {English} or l—Sflfl-263—T354 {French}.

In Mexico. call {525} 254-3T'l't'. In Poet-to Rico or LLS. Virgin Islands, call IdSW-Tfifi-Ifi'lfi. In all other

overseas locations. contact GM North American Export Sales in Canada by calling 1'905-644-4112.

For prompt assistance. please have the following information available to give the CLLstrn'ner Assistance Representative:

I Your name. address. home and business telephone numbers

I Vehicle Identification Number (This is available from the vehicle registration or title. or the plate at the left top of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield.)

I Dealershipuame and location I Vehicle delivery date anti present miieage

'5 Nature of concern


We encourage you to call the toll free number listed previously in order to give your inquiry prompt attention. However. it" you wish to write Buiclt1 write to;

Buick Motor Division Customer Assistance Center 902 E. Hamilton Avenue Flint. Ml. 48550.

Refer to your Warranty and Owner Assistance In formation booklet for addresses oannadian and GM Overseas offices.

When contacting Buick. please remember that your out-teem will like! y be resolved in the dealership using the dcalcrship‘s Iitciliries. equipment and persotntel. That is why we suggest you follow Step (he first it" you have a concern.

Customer Assistance for the Hearing or Speech Impaired {TDD}

To assist customers who have hearing difficulties. Buiclt has installed special TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deal] equipment at its Customer Assistance Center. Any hearing or speech impaired customer who has access to a TDD or a conventional teietypewriter lTT‘t'l can com ntunicate with Buick by dialing: l-SflD-WBUICK. {TDD users in Canada can dial l—Bflll—E‘oS-SESQ}

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