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Aummaric DEXRON” III or DEXRDNE' llE Transaxle Autnmatiu: Transmission Fluid.

Key Lock Cylinders

Lubricale with MutIt—Pumese Lubricant “1th Part Ne. 123451201 or synthetic SAE SEW-3t} engine oil.

Automatic Trunsexle Shift Lin huge

Chassis LHbl‘lCflllOl'l

Engine eil.

Chassis lubricant HEM Part Ne. ttifilé‘fl er equivalent] or lubricant

meeting requirements of NLGI Grade 2. Category LB er GC~LB.

Windshield GM Dptiltleen‘” Washer Solvent {GM Washer Selvenl Fart Ne. lflfililfit or equivalent. Hood Latch


a. Pivots and H. Engine nii,

Spring Anchnr

b. Release Pawl b. Chassis lubricant tGM Part No. liJ5249? er equivalent} or lubricru'lt meeting requirements of NLGI

Grade 2, Category LB or GC-LB.



Hood and Dear Engine ml or Lubriplste Lubricant LGM Hinges Part Nu. 1050109}.

Fuel Filler Deer Chassis lubricant [GM Part No. 195249? or equivsienll er lubricant meeting requirements at NLGI Grade 2, Categery LB or GC—L B.

Weatherstrips Dielectric Silicone Grease [GM Part Nu. [2345579 ur equivalent].

Hinge and Striker Plunger

See “Specifications Cheri“ in the Index fur recommended replacement filters, values and spark


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