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Section D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluids and lubricants identified below by name. part number or specification may be obtained from your


API mice SH or SG Energy Cumming Il oils of the proper vbcusityfl'he “Si-I“ designation may be shown alone or in combination with others. eueh as ”SHJCD." “SH.SG.CD.” “SGII'CDI' etc. To determine the preferred viscosity [or you" vehicle's engine. see "Engine Oil“ inthelndex.

Engine Coolant

50.50 mixture of water Lprefernbly distilled) and good quality.r ethylene glyeol hose antifreeze {GM Part No. 1052753 or equivalent} eonfonning to GM Specification 1325M or appmved recycled coolant conforming to GM Specificaiion teem.


H ydraulie Brake System


Delve Supreme H" Brake Fluid [GM Flu-t ND. I05253fi- oreqnivnlent DOT—3 brnltl: Fluid}

Power Slice-ring GM Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid System [GM Pan No. Ifl52384orequivule11H


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