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CHECK CIR “1| SERVICE T TO DO Parking Brake and Automatic Tranmxle “P"

(Park: Mechanism Cheek

CHECK. 05'.

At least every spring use plain water to

flush any corrosive materials from the lineal-body. Take care to clean Ii'Ierougth any areas: where mud and other debris can collect.

Section C: Periodic Maintenance Inspections

_ . _ _ Listed heloiar are inspections and services which should “hm" [EV-”“3 dum'll- KECP'T'E Fm" be performed at least twice a year {for instance, each

too}? “hm: regular ”3"" m “1‘ spring and fall}. You should let your GM dealer‘s par mg re re. service department or other qualified service center do

a To check the parkinglmike: Will'nhe messiubS- Mall: sure any memo rennin are engine running and transmission in completed at onoe. "N“ [Neutral], slowly remove foot pressure from the regular brake pedal. Do IJ'Iis erIIiI the vehicle is helacl by the parking L's-alto only.

0 Tocheclnhc“P"{Pait)mechanism‘s holding ability: Shifi Io “P" {Park}. 111m retease all lat-aka.


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