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Brake— Transaule - Steering Column White parked. and Will'l the parking Shift Interlock ”I I : Lock brake 5:1. 11'le Iurn The key to "LDC K" B'T'Sl (Autmnatin: ' _ '_ I I ' ' H=W - i:n cinch sthl lever pUSiTifln.

Transaxlc} " ' I '-

I The key should mm In "LOCK" ' ' on!)r when the shift lever Is in "P" 1. Before you start. he sure you have {park} cmugh ru-urn amund the vehicle. II: ism-rum be parked on :5 level surface. I! The key should com: um unlv in

2. Firmly apply the parking brake (see “LOCK"

"Parking Brake“ in the Index if necessary}.

. With Ih: Bngirn: nl'f. Iurn me key to the “RUN“ posiilun. huI don‘t $13.11 the engine. Without applying the regular brake. tr}.I lu muvc: the shift lever oul uf”P" {Park} with nnrmal efl‘an. If the shlfl lever moves out uf "P" {Park}. vuur vehicle's BT31 needs service.

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