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At Least Once a Month ~ CHECK Fill. WHAT TO DO bthlLli

Starter Switch CAUTION: When you ”EM-1315'


Tin: Inflation Check tirc inflation. Make sure [hey are inflated to the pressures specified on the Tire-Loading Information label located

on the rearedge of the driver's door. See “Tires" in the Index for further details.

Cassette Deck Clean cassette deck. Cleaning. should be done ever}r [5 hours. oftape play. See

“Audio Systems" in the Index For further details.

At Least Once a Year CHECK OR SERVICE WHAT TO DO Keg,I Look Lubricutl: the key [och cylinders wilh Cylinders the lubricant emit—led in Seclion D.

Ii‘rod}r Lubrication Laminate all body door hinges. Also lubricate all hinges and latches. including lhose for the hood. glow: bolt door and console door. Seulioa D tells you what to use.

check, the. vehicle undrl' tum nodded}. If trials; m or other: could be human. Fallen the lap} bdrm.

l. Before you Sliil'l. be sure you have eneugh room around lhe vehicle.

2. Firmly apply hell: the parking brake {see “Parking Brake“ in the index it' necessary) and the regular brake.

1. Tr}I Io start the engine in each gear. The flower should work only in “P" [Park] or "N“ [Neutral]. II' the starter works in any other position. your vehicle needs service.


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