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Seefien B: Owner Cheeks and At Each Flu-.1 Fill Services [II is Important for you ur a service elation attendant

Lisled below are owner checks and services which In perform “I'm underlined checks at each fuel “I“

should be perfumed at [he immals specified In help CHECK CIR ensure the safely. dcpfll'l-dfibflitj' and emission emu-e! SERVICE Parkmam ”f 3"” ”Eh‘de' Engine rm Level Check me engirve oil level and acid [J]:

Be sure any necessary repairs are completed at once. pepper e-il if necessary. See "Engine Whenever any fluids or lubrieams are added in your UII" m the Index for fm1her details.

vehiele. make sun: they am the proper ones. as sham in Engine leam muck the engine eonlam incl and add Sachem D. [4:ch [he proper molani mix if necessary. See

Taoism“ in the Index for further dcruils.

Windshield Check me windshield washer Fluid

Washer Fluid level in the windshield washenank mid

Level add the proper fluid if necessary. See “‘Iillindshield Washer Fluid“ in the Index fer further details.


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