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Scheduled Maintenance Services Schedule 11 Follow Schedule I] UN LY If none of the driving conditions specified in Schedule I apply.


. . . WHEN T0 PERFURM " I: Lu at | . SgfiuloEFMgiT-iignfi-Icc Miles millimeters} or m Services Following Mamba. Whichever KHZUHETEHS rill!!!) Schedules land II] flccurs Firs!

I i. Englni: nil Chang)? Every T 5W} mi. Ill fill] kml ur ll mm. "n...- flil l-‘illcr Change" AI Tim and lhen Her}- thcl uil Chung: ----n- 1. Chassis. Lubrication Every '1 5m mi. I_ I2 500 km: nr L2 mns.

_ . . A1 3‘ .‘il'JU 1111'. [IS 501) km'l and then every 3. Tm. 3; Wheel Rotation at Infipflcllnn I5 00“ mi. {25 :m km] W M “can”. 4. Enginc Accessory Dmre Helltfii inspcclmn" Every 3'0 WU n1i. {SUM-Him] Curl-1i mm. 5. Cooling Sys1em Sen-Ev


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