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Selecting the Right Schedule

First you’ll need to decide which of the two schedules is right for your vehicle. Here‘s hate to decide which schedule to fellow:

Schedule I Is any one of these true for grant vehicle? I Most trips are less than 4 miles {6 km}.

ll Most trips are less than ID miles [16 lrrn} when eutside lemperelures are below freezing.

I The engine is at lew speed mesl ef the time {as in deer—te-deet delivery. or in stun-and-ge traffic}_

0 You tiperete j-‘fllll' vehicle in dusty areas.

0 You low a trailer. {With some models, yeti shouldn’t ever low :1 trailer. See "Towing 3 Trailer" 'tn the


If any one for mere: 01‘ Utese is true for your driving. fullew Schedule I.

Schedule II

Fellow Schedule ll enly ii‘nene of the ebeve conditions is true.


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