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Capacitiies and Specifications Engine Code M (L82) 3.1L L-fi MFI 310i]

Belt Tensions Maintenance Item Part Numbers Automatically oimlrollod by a self-tensioning Air Filter A9 MC idler pulley: Tonsiurl adj usrmem should never Fuel Filter GF48i

Oil Filter— PFrlG PCV Valve —— CVEQQC

Cooling System Capacit Spark Plug R44LTS. GAP 11060” 1'

13 WWW-5 1”“ M.- Conditioning Capacityl’R-HniAi See Kerri goranl Charge. Label Under Hood

be noccssary.

Crankcese Capacity —-

Oil change with filter change Air Conditioning Refrigerant N01 all air conditioning Iclfigoran L; at: the

same. if tho air conditioning 53:51am in your

4.5 guansmlfi liters

Fuel Tank Capacity vehicle floods refrigcranl, b: sun: the proper 151 gallonsffi'lj liters refrigerant is used. If you’re not sure ask your Buick doolor. For additional inl'nn'nntion. see “EHSMEE your “Warranty and Dinner Assistance

Capacity 4 quansflfi liters. In formalion“ hooklel.


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