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Capacities and Specifications Engine Code 3(1Afl]2.3L L-4 MFI (QUAD 4] GHC

Belt Tensions— Maintenance Item Part Numbers

Front crankbeit'. automatically controlled by an Air Filter A 1233C idler pulley. Tension adjustment should never be Fuel Filter GFSTS necessary. Power steering: 450 Neutrons Dil Filler PFI 225

Spark Plug FRJLSK. GAP sass" Air Condiliooing Capacity iii-134m

Cooling System CapaciijI —-

Illa-fl arts .3 ill ll” “’9 a” See Refrigerant Charge Label Under Hood transmit (Sagacity Air Conditioning Refrigerant 4 quartsflfi 1“ch WI? fillfil‘ change Not all air conditioning tefi'igcmnls are the 4'5 snarl—#43 “It? Wl‘h filter same. Iftlie air conditioning system in your Fuel Tank Capacity _ vehicle needs rein gerant. be sure the proper

refrigerant is used. If you're not sure ask your Buick dealer. For additional information. see 'l‘i-ausaxle, Automatic your "“‘Irn‘iiiri'antj.r and Owner Assistance Capacin 4 quansflfi liters [nfoiTnation" booklet.

[5.2 gallons-$57.5 liten'.


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