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I If needed. eleen lightly with solvent—two simmer. O Ham use oils, varnishes, salient—based or abusive cleanus. furniture polish or shoe polish on leather.

cummn'mm Sm“ _ _ o Soiled leather should be cleaned immediately. If dirt Such as can-1s. m: cm mayonnaise. chill sauce and is allowed to work into finish. it can henn the unlmown stains. 15311.31;

I Carefully scrape offexoess stain. then clean with cool water and allow to dry.

I lie stain remains. clean it with solvent-type cleaner.

Gleaming the Top of the Instrument Panel

Use onlyr mild soap and water to clean the top surfaces of the instrument panel. Sprays containing silicones or

Cleanin Vin 1 waxes may cause annoying reflections in the “findsllield g 3' and even make It difficult to see through the mndslneld Use warm. water and a clean eioth. under certain conditions. I ' ti'rt. Y Ruh not]: a clean. damp cloth to remove 1 on Care of Safety BEHS

may have to do it more then onee.

I Things Like tsr. asphalt and shoe polish will stain if you don‘t get them off quickly. Use a clean cloth and a solvent-type vinyl cleaner.

Keep hells clean and tint.

Cleaning Leather

Use a soft cloth with lukewarm water and a mild soap or saddle soap.

i For stubborn stains. use a mild solution of 10% isopropyl alcohol {rubbing alcohol) and 90% water.


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