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II Lise sulvcnt-vae cleaners in a well—ventilated area NOTICE: only. If you use them. don‘t saturate the stained area.

Don‘t use any of these unless this [manual save 0 It‘ a ring terms after spet cleaning. clean the entire 5'01] cam In man}: ”955. these wlll damage your area immbdialcly or il will set. vehicle:

gleam; Using F emu-Type Cleaner on Fabric Laumlry Eaap l Vacuum and bru sit the area to remove any loose dirt.

Bleach I Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask Reducing Agents surrounding trim along Mitch or welt lines.

Mix Multi—Putpese Powdered Cleaner following the

Cleaning the [nsjfle 0f Yflllf BuiCk directions on the container label.

Use a vacuum cleaner often to get rid ef dust and lens: U53 ““15 0"]? “lid “PF”? with 3 ““53" sponge.

dirt. Wipe vinyl or leather with a clean. damp Cloth. Don't saturate “1,5 material.

Your Buick dealer has two GM cleaners. a solvent-type spot lifter and a fmm-lypl: pnwdereti cleaner. They will clean normal spots and stains very well. Do not use them on vinyl or ieathe r.

Don‘t rub it roughly.

As seen as you‘ve cleaned the seclifln. use a sponge to remove the suds.

Here are some cleaning tips' Rinse the section with a clean. WEI Spunge.

Wipe eff what's left with a slightly damp paper towel

'- Aiwavs read the instructions on the Cleaner label. er cleth.

| Clean Lt stains as soon es on can -- before the set. . P 5' v 0 Then dry it immediately wuh it blew dryer or a heat

I Use a clean cloth or sponge. and change to a clean ietttp. area often. A suit brush may be used if“ stains are stubborn.


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