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Tire Chains


It your Buick has macros H15 or qusrsem 5 size tires. don‘t use tire chains: they can damage your vehicle.

It' you have other tires, use the chains only where legal and only when you must. Use only SAE style="position:fixed;left:421px;top:513px;width:56px;height:28px" lang='eng'>“5" type chains that are the moper size tor

your tires. Install them on the front tires ancl lighten them as tightly as possible with the ends securely fastened. Drive slowly and lollovv the chain manufacturer's Instructions. It you can hear the chains contacting your vehicle, stop and retighten them. If the contact continues. slow down until It stops. Driving too fast with chains on will damage your vehicle.

Appearance Care

Remember. cleaning products can be hazardous. Some are toxic. Others can bur-st into Iiame if you strike a match or get them on a not part of the vehicle. Some are dangerous it' you breathe their fumes in a closed space. When you use anything from a container to clean your Buick. be sure to Follow the manufacturer '5 warnings.- and instructions. Amt always open your doors or windows when you‘re cleaning lhr: inside.

Heygr use these to clean your vehicle: Gasoline Henriette Nuphlhfl Carbon ’l‘ctrachlon'dr:





I Acetone

t FaintThinner o Turpentine I iecquerThinner O NailPolieh Remover

They can all be hazardous -- some more than others -- and lhey can all dome go your vehicle. too.


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