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What In Add

When you domed brake fluiIL use uni)! DDT‘B brake fluid —- such as Dulce Supreme 11“ [GM Part No.1052535}. Use new bmlce fluid from a sealed wmaincr only. and always clean the brake fluid reservoir cap before removing it.


I Don‘t let someone put In the wrung klnd of fluid. For example. just a few hp: at mineral-band oil, such a: mglne all, In mt brake system can dunno brake

wmm parts so badly that they'll have to he rerun-nu.

I Brake fluid can manna-int. I‘D been-elm not In spill hraka flultl an yuur flhinla. H vellumwaahflafilmmeflatamsea ”Annemarie-u Care" In the Index.

Brake Wear

Your Buick has Iran: disc: brakes and rear drum makes.

Disc bmkc pads have built—in wear indimum that. nuke a high-pitched awning mum! whm the make pads are mmdwmfismneededffllesnundmyemnem go nrbe heard all the lime yourvthiclc ismvuigfexcapl when you are pushing on the brake pedal firmly).


Continuing to drive wlu1 warn-nut brim pau- eould malt in may brake rapalr.

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