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Power Steering Fluid What in Add

Refer to [he Maintenunee Schedule in deiennine what

kind at ilutrl m use. See “Recommended Fluids and Lubricants“ in the Index.


When adding power steering fluid or making a

camp-late fluid change, always use the proper fluid. Failure In use the proper fluid can cause leaks and damage hoses and seals.

Haw Tu Cheek Power Steering Fluid

Unscrew the cap and wipe the dipstick with El clean mg. Replace the cap and completely tighten h. Then remn re the cap again and look at the fluid lets-e] en ll'tt: diph‘lick.

O 1When the engine eumperu'nenl is hut. the level should be at the "HUT" metric.

I When the engine eflmpurtmenl 1's cunt, the level should be at the “FLILL COLD" mark.

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