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2. Using a long-neck funnel, add enough fluid at the dipstick hole In bri up it to Iht: proper level. it doesn‘t take much fluid. generally less than a pint. Don't Dverfill. We recommend yuLt use Only fluid labeled DEXRON®—III or DEXRDNm—IIE because fluids with that label EITE made especially fer your automatic transaxle. Damage caused by fluid other than DEXRGNfi-lll nr DEXRONW‘IIE is not covered by your new vehicle we minty.

1' After adding fluid. recheck the fluid level as deseribed under “How to Check.”

I When the correct lluid 1::ch is obtained. push the dipstick back in all the way.

3. Check both sides of the dipstick and read the lower level. The fluid level must be in the erms-l‘uttchod urea. Engine Cflolant

4. If the fluid level is in the acceptable range. push the The following explains your cooling system and hnw mend dipstick back ill all the way. coolant when it is low. If you have a problem with engine

. h"t' .""E ' Oct-heal" Ii Ind .

How to field Fitttd over Lei mg sot, ngme v mg in in: ex

Refer to the Maintenance Schedule te determine what __ _ . c a kind of transaxle fluid In ”w See "Recommended I Love freezing protection down to -34 F E23? Cl.

Fluids and Lubricants" i“ ”“3 [WEK- Give boiling protection up to 262:F{123°Ci.

Ifthe fluid level is low. add uni}: ennugh of the proper I'ltJitJ Protect against rust and corrosion. to bring the level into the crms-hatched area on thedipslick.

I. Pull not the dipstick.

The proper coolant for your Buick will:

Help keep the proper engine temperature.


Let the warning lights work as they should.


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