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Wait at least 3D minutes before checking the transmit: fluid level iliyuu heir: been driving:

I When outside temperatures are above 90°F {32°Cl. I hthigh speed forquiteawhile.

o In heavy,r traffic -- especially in hot weather.

i While pulling a trailer. -

To gel the right reading. the fluid should he at nonual operating. temperature, which is 18D°F to 200°F {82°C to 93°C].

Get. the vehicle warmed up by driving about 15 miles {24 km] when outside temperatures are above SDDF UTE}. If it‘s colder than 50°F [10°C]. you may have

to drive longer. SEW o Park your vehicle on a level place.

I Wim the parking brake applied. place the shift lever in "P" {Park}.

I With your [not {In the hruke pedal. run-w: the shift lever through each gear range, pausing For about three seconds in each range. Then. position the. shift lever in “P" {Park}.

I Let the engine run at idle for three to five minutes.

Then without shutting ufi' the engine follow these


paper towel.

then pull it back out again.

_ Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag or

. Push it heels in all the way. wail three seconds and


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