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Easy Entry Seat Option [Two-Door Models)

The right fmm seat of yam vehicle madman easy to gel in and out ofthe mar seal.

i When yaufilt theright fmnl sentinel fully {mm the whole seat will slid: fonvard.

i Aflu'sumnune gets into thumr amt am. mm: this rig!“ fi'om neutback to its original position. Then move flue scat rearward until it lacks.

I To get uul..again with: samba-3|: fully-forward.

Safety Belts: They’re For Everyone Thispufinfthe manml tellsyou howtousesafeljr balls

.mperly. It also lens you me. things you should not do

with safety belts.

And it explains the Supplmnanta] Rash-aim System, or "air bag" system.

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