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What to Do with Used lDil

Did you know that used engine oil contains certain elemems than may be unhealthy for your skin and could even came canner‘? Don't lei used oil stay on your skin for Her},r long. Clean your skin and nails wilh snap and water, or a good hand cleaner. Wash or properly.-r throw away clothing or rags; containing used engine nil. {See the manufacturer‘s warnings aboul {he use and difipnsal ofnll products.)

Used oil can be a real lhreat In the environment. If yflu change your own oil. be sure to drain all Free-flowing nil I'rnrn Lhe filler before disposal. Don't ever dispoae of oil by purring il: in the trash. pnuring il 1111 [he grDuflLl, lnte sewers. or into streams or bodies of water. [nsleadl rccyele iL by taking it to a place the: enlleets used oil. If 3'01: have a prnhlern properly dispuaing of your used Oil. ask your dealer. a service station or a local recycling center for help.

Air Cleaner

The air cleaner is. localerl no the driver‘s side nt‘the engine eompamnent.

Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whEn Lu- replaee the air filler.

See“5el1eduled Maintenanee Services" in the Index.


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