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It you use oils that do not have either the "alarburat" symbol or an it” 3H or SE designation. you can cause angina damage not covered by your warranty.

GM Goodwrenchfl oil {in Canada+ GM Engine Oil} meets all the requirements for your vehicle.

Engine IDil Additives

Don’t add anything to your oiL 1i’our Buicit dealer is ready to advise if you think something should he added.


When to Change Engine flit See if any one of these is true for you:

I Most trips are less than 4 miles [t5 km J.

I ll’s belowI ireczing outside and most trips are less than in miles {iii km).

0 The engine is at iovv speed most of the time [as in door-to-door delivery. or in SEOpriI nd rgo traffi c).

I You tow a trailer often. I Most trips are through dusty places.

Ifany one of these is true for your vehicle. then you need to change your mug every 3,000 miles (5 Dill km} or 3 months .. whichever comes first.

if none of them is true. change the oil every ?.SDUttti1es {[2 50-0 km] or [2 months -- whichever comes first. Change the filter al the first oil change and at every other oil change after that.

Engine Coolant Heater {Engine Block Heater)

An engine coolant heater can be a big help if you have to park outside in very cold weather. [PF {48°C} or colder. if your vehicle has this option. see “Engine Coolant Heater“ in the index.

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