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When to Add Uil What Kind of lDil to Use

If the oil is at or below the lower mark, then you'll need Beginning midyear 1993. oils of the proper quaiin for to add some oil. But you must use the right kind. This your vehicle will be identified wilh this new “sterburst” section explains what kind of oil to use. For CT'I'iI'IkuiHE sy mhol. The “starbnrst” symhoi indicates Ihst the oil has capacity. see “Cepacilies and Specifications" in the Index. been oerlified by Ihe American Petroleum [nstjlule (APE). and is Frflfmd for use in you: gasoline engine.


Don't add too much oil. If your englne has so

You should look for this on the front of the oil container, and use only oils that displayI this new symbol.

much on that the all latte! gets above the upper

marl: that shows the proper operating range. your engine could be damaged.

Just fill it enough to put the level somewhere in the proper operating range. Push the dipstick all the way back in when you‘re through.

You should also use Ihe proper ‘Ilislstlsiu.r oil for your vehicle. as shown in the following chart:

2.14 —.—_—————————

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