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these blending materials. such as MTBE and ethanol. By doing so. you can help clean The air. especially in those parts of the country that have high carbon monoxide levels.

In addition. some gasoline Suppliers are now producing reformulated gasolines. These gasolines are specially designed to reduce vehicle emissions. General Motors recommends that you not: rcfonttulatod gasoline. By doing so. you can help clean the air. especially in those parts of the country that have high ozone levels.

You should as}: your service station operators if their gasoline; contain deposit control additives and oxygenates. and if they have been reformulated to reduce vehicle emissions.


Fuels in Foreign Countries

It' you plan on driving in another country outside the US. or Canada. unleaded fuel may be hard to find. Do not use leaded gasoline. if you use even one tankful. your emission conLrols won‘t wort: well or at all. With continuous use. spark plugs can get fouled. the exhaust system can corrode. and your engine oil can deteriorate quickly. Your vehicle‘s oxygen sensor will be damaged. All of that means costly rewits that wouldn't he covered by your warranty.

To check on fuel availability, ask an auto club. or contact a major oil cotttpony that does business in the country where you‘ll be driving.

You can also write us at the following address for advice. Just tell us where you're going and give your Vehicle Identification Number [VIN].

General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation North American Export Sales (NAES)

IUflEl Colonel 5am Drive

Oshawa. Ontario LIH 3F?

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