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Use regular unleaded gasoline rated at E? octane or higher. It should meet specifications ASTM D43|4 in the LLB. and C633 3.5-92 in Canada. These fuels should have the proper additives. so you should not he tee to add anything to the fuel.

in the 1.1.5. and Canada it‘s easy to be sure you get the right kind of gasoline {unleaded}. You'll see "UNLEADED" right on the pump. And only unleaded nozzles will fit into your 1rehicle's fillet neck.

He sure the posted octane is at least 3?. 1f the octane is less than 3?. you may gel a heavy knocking noise when you drive. If it's bad enough. it can damage your engine.

If you're using fuel rated at 3? octane or higher and you still hear heavy knocking. your engine needs service. But don't worry if you hear a linle pinging noise when you’re accelerating or driving up a hill. That '5 normal. and you don't have to buy a higher octane fuel to get rid of pinging. 1t*s the heavy. constant knock that means you have a problem.

What about gasoline with hlc nding materials that contain oxygen {oxygen-ales), such as MTBE or alcohol“?

MTEE is ”methyl tertiary—hotyl ether," Fuel that is no more than IS‘il-i MTBE in fine for your vehicle.

Ethanol is ethyl or grain alcohol. Properly-blended fuel

that is no more than 10% elimnol is fine for your vehicle.

Methanol ts methyl or wood alcohol.


Fuel that is more than 5% methanol la bad for your vehicle. Don’t use it. tt can oorrode metal parts In your fuel system and also damage

pleatlc and rubber pane. That damage wouldn't be covered under your warranty. And even at 5% or less, there must be "coeoluante" and corrosion pretrentars in this fuel to help avoid these problems.

Gasolines for Cleaner Air

Your use of gasoline with deposit oontrol additives will help prevent deposits from forming in your engine and fuel system. That helps keep your engine in tune and your emission control system working properly. It‘s good for your vehicle, and you‘ll he doing your part for cleaner air.

Many goon-lines are now blended with oxygenateS. General Motors recommends that you use gasolines with


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