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If a Tire Gees Flat

It's unusual for a tire to "blew out" while you‘re driving. especially,r if you maintain your tires properly. If air goes out of a lire1 it's mueh more liker to leak out slowly. But ii yeu should ever have a "hie-went." here are a few tips about whal to expect and what la de:

[f a front tire fails. the flat tire will create a drag that pulls the vehicle toward that side. 'Iillte your foot ufflhe accelerator pedal and grip the steering wheel firmly. Steer to maintain lane pmilitm, then gently brake has a step well out of the traffic lane.

A rear blowout, particularly on a curve. acts much like a skid and may require the same correctien you'd use in a skid. In any rear bluwoulf remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. Get the vehicle wider centre] by steering the way we want the vehicle he go. It may be Very hump},r and noisy. but you can still steEr. Genlly brake to a step. well off the read if possible.

If a tire goes flal. the next section shows hew in use yourjaeking equipment to change a flat tire safely.


Changing a Flat Tire

Ifa tire gees flat. avoid further tire and wheel damage by driving sluwly to a level placer Turn on year hazard warning flashers.

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