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If you no longer have the overheat warning. you our.

drive. .1qu to be safe. dritre slower for about ten minute 5,.

If the warning, doesn‘t come back on. you can drive nonnaliy.

If lite warning continues. pull over. SHIP. and park your vehicle right away.

If there's still no Sign of steam. you can idle the engine for two or three minutes while you‘re parked. to see it‘ the Warning stops. But then. ifynu still have the warning. TURN OFF THE ENGINE AN D GET EVERYONE I{IJL'T OF THE VEHICLE until it cools


You may decide not to lift the hood but to get service help right away.


Cooling System

When you decide it‘s safe to lift the hood. here's whal you'll see:

I Coolant surge tank with pressure can

i Electric engine for!

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