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Engine Overheating

You will find a coolant temperature gage and the warning light about a hot engine on your instrument


If Steam [5 Coming From Your Engine


it your engine eateries tire heeouoo you keep

driving with no coolant, your vehicle can be imdl'ilr damaged. The easily repaint would not be covered by your warranty.

If No Steam [5 Coming From Your Engine

If you get the overth wanting but see or hear no steam. the problem may not be too serious. Sometimes the engine can get a little too hot when you:

I Climb a long hill on a hot day. I Stop after high speed driving. I Idle for lot! g periods in traffic. I 'Ilow i1 trailer.

If you get the overheat warning with no si 311 of steam. try this for a minute or so:

1. If you have an air conditioner. turn it off.

2. Turn on your heater to full hot at the highest fan speed and open the window as necessary.

3. Try to keep your engine under load (it: a drive gear where the engine runs slower].


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