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Towing Yfllll' BfliCk lamps. Hero skirting. or special tires and wheels, these

insmmtions and illustrations me not be correct. Try to have a GM dealer or a professional towing y

service tow your Buick. The usual towing equipment is Before 3’9" do anything. turn on “1": ha'mrd waning a sling—lype {A} or e wheelwlifi (B) or car carrier to] tow flashers:

When you call. tell the towing service: That your vehicle has front-wheel drive.

The make. model. and year of your vehicle.

Whether you can still move the shift lever.


If there was an oeeidettt. what was danged.

When the towing servioe an‘ives. let the tow operator lfl'lflw that this manual contains detailed towing instructions and illustrations. The operator may want to see them.

If your vehicle has been changed or modified since it was factory-now by adding aftermarket items like fog


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