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Don‘t let the other end touch anything until the next step. The other end of lht: negative cahle doceull. go to

the dead battery. It goes to a heavy unpainted metal part on the engine of the vehicle with the dead battery.

9. Attach the cable at least 18 inches [45 cm) away from the dead battens. but not near engine parts that more. The electrical connection is just as good Ihere, but the chance of sparks getting hack to the hatlery is

much lest-x.

ll]. Now start the vehicle wilh the good battery and run the engine for awhile.

ll.Tr_v to start the vehicle with the deed battery.

if it won‘t Stan nftera few tries. it probably needs service.

l2. Remove the cables in reverse order to prevent electn'eai shorting. Take care Ihat they don‘t touch

each other or an},r other metal.


Remove the cables in this order.

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