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You cuuld be injured if the vehicles roll. Sui Ihl: parking brake firmly on web vehicle. Put an

. . . & .C-AU110N: auinmatrc Lransaxle In “P“ [Park] or a manual Iransaxle in “N' {Nuuiral I. An chum! hum will “In. H1!m_;_

ls-nrlt- mm can "Mm. mum-.- cmlngarflhdamfiwm um circuit-fin.

3. Turn off the ignition on both vehicles. Turn nii‘all lights that aren't needed. and radios. This will avoid sparks and help save both halleries. And il unuld mire ygur radio!

Find lhr: pDHiIiVC [+3 and negative i~}ten11inais :Jn

NOTICE' eaCh battery.

If you leave your radio on. It could be badly

damaged. The repairs wuuidn't be covered by your warranty.

4. Open the hood and locale the baLtE‘Fics.

—————_*__— 1T9

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