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Following Distance

Sta y at least twice as far behind the vehicle ahead as you would when driving your vehicle without a trailer. This can help you avoid situations that require heavy braking and sudden turns.


You'll need more passing distance up ahead when you‘re towing a trailer. And. hecattse you ’re a good deal longer. you'll need to go much farther beyond the passed vehicle before you can return to your lane.

Backing Up

Hold the bottom of the steering wheel with one hand. Then. to move the trailer to the left. just move that hand to the left. To move the trailer to the right. move your hand to the right. A] ways back up slowly and. if possible, have someone guide you.

Making Turns

When you‘re taming with a trailer. make wider turns than nonnal. Do this so your trailer won 't strike soft shoulders, curb; road signs. truss. or other objefls. Avoidjerky or sudden maneuvers. Signal well in advance.

Turn Signals When Towing a Trailer

When you tonr a trailer. your vehicle has to have a different turn signal flasher and extra wiring. The green arrows on your instrument panel will flash whenever you signal a turn or lane change- Properly hooked up. the trailer lights will also flash. telling other drivers you’re about to turn. change lanes or stop.

When towing a trailer. the green arrows on your instrument panel will flash for turns even if the bulbs on Ihe trailer are termed out. Thus. you may think drivers behind you are seeing your signal when they are not. It's important to check occasionally to he sure the trailer hulhs are still working.

Driving 0n Grades

Reduce speed and shift to a lower gear before you start down along or steep downgrade. If you don't shift down. you might have to use your brakes so much thal they would get hot and no longer work well.

On a long uphill grade. use the highest gear possible. If you cannot maintain posted speeds. driving at a lower speed may help avoid overheating your engine and unnsattle.


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