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ironed-pulling components such as the engine, transaxle. wheel assemblies. and tires are forced to work harder against the drag of the added Weight. The engine is required to operate at relatively higher speeds and under greater loads. generating extra heat. What's more. the trailer adds considerably to wind resistance. increasing the pulling renuiremunta

WI Ifyon do. here are some important points.

0 There are many different laws, including speed limit restrictions. having to do with lrailering. Make sure your rig will be legal. not only where you live but

also where you'll be driving. A good source for this information can be state or provincial police.

I Consider using a sway control. You can ask a hitch dealer about sway controls.

0 Don‘t tow a trailer at all during the first 1.030 miles [lfiflfl km} your new vehicle is driven. Your engine. asle or other parts could be damaged.

I Then. during the first SUD miles (Silt! Ion) that you tow a trailer. don't drive over it) mph {till ltmfh} and don‘t make starts at full throttle- This helps your

engine and other ports of your vehicle wear in at the heavier loads.


0 Obey speed limit restrictions when towing a trailer. Don‘t drive faster than the rnattirnurn posled speed for rtnileta {or no more than 55 mph (9D Knu'h} to save wear on your vehicle‘s parts.

Three important Considerations have to do with weight:

Weight of the 'Ii-ailer

How heavy can a trailer surely be?

It should never weigh more than LBDD pounds (450 kg}. But even that can be too heavy.

ltdepends on how you plan to tho your rig- For example. speed. altitude. road grades. outside temperature and how much your vehicle is used to pull a trailer are all important. And. it can also depend on any special equipment mat you have on your vehicle.

You can ask your dealer for our traileri ng information or advice, oryou can write us at Buick Motor Division. Customer Assistance Center. 9'32 E. Hamilton Avenue. Flint. MI 48550.

In Canada. write to General Motors of Canada Limited. Customer Assistance Center. 19133 Colonel Sam Drive. Oshawa. Ontario L1H EP'J'.

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