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Winter Driving

lnulurjc an ice scraper. 11 small brush or broom- a supply nf windshield waxhcr fluid. a rag. some winter miter Here an: 3mm: Lips for winter driving: Elm-thing, :1 small xhuvti. a flashlight. a red cloth. and a couple of reflective warning lrianglcs. And. if you will be driving under seven: mmdilinnh', include a small bag of sand. 3 piece of old carpet nr :1 L'nuplL‘ (1i burlap bags I You may want In put winicr cmcrgmicy supplies in in help prmid: traction. Be sure ynu pmpurly SEL'LJI'L' ypur trunk. them: ppm; in yuur vehicle.

0 Have your Buick in good shape for Winter. Be Hurt: your engine cn-nlanl mix i5 correct.


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