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Hydroplaning is dangerous. So much water can build up wider your tires that they can aetthLar ride on the water. This can happen ifthe road is wet enough and you're going fast enough. When your vehicle is hydreplaning. it has little or no contact with the road.

Hydroplaning doesn‘t happen often. But it can if your tires haven’t much tread or if the pressure in one or more is 1ow. It can happen ifs lot of water is standing

on the road. lfyou can see reflections fi'om trees. telephone poles, or other vehicles. and raindrops “dimple" the water’s surface. there could be


Hydropltming usually happens at higher speeds. There. just isn‘t a ham and fast rule about hydroplaning. The best advice is to slow down when it is raining.

Some Other Rainy Weather Tips

0 Turn on your low-beam headlights -- not just you: parking lights to help make you more visible to others.

II Besides slowing down. allow some extra following distance. And be “potion; careful when you pass another vehicle. Allow yourself more clear room ahead. and be prepared to have your view restricted by road spray.

| Have good tiles with proper tread depth. {See “Tires“ in the Index.)


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