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Four Way Manual Seat - Drivers Seat Only Power Seat (Uptiunl (Uptiunl

The pnwcr scat mmml is located {1-11 lhi: aim: 01' the scat.

Front L‘unlml {F}: Raise the front ofthe seat by holding the switch up. Hold the switch down to lnwcr

If ynu have this nptinn. you have iwn levers under the the front of me seen.

From edge of the seat, The lever near the outer side of

flu: email unlocks lbs 5541! allowing it to slide forward and Center Cnntml {C}: Mm: m: sea: forward ur back by M519 The lever near the center allows you '0 tilt the 5351‘ I'iulding 1.11:: (101111131 [ID lhi: li'nnl ur buck. Raise or lower up and down. [he sent by holding the cnnlrnl up at dawn.


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