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Driving at Night Here an: HIJTH: tips m1 night driving.

Drive defensively. Dun't Ltrinlt und drive.

Adjust your inside rearview mirror 1:! reduce the glnte from headlights behind you.

Since ynu can‘t see :15 well. you may need to slow dawn and keep mun: space between yuu and other vehicles.

Slaw do wn, especially on higher speed roads. Your heatilightx can light up only so much road ahead.

In remote areas. watch fni'animak.

If you're Iircd. pull off the. mad in a safe piaee and rest.

Night Visiun

Nn L‘IIIL' cant see as well at night 2]!- in the dnylime. HUI-15

NiEh' ‘ifii'lng is more F'flngflmuh: than ““3 Qriving. 0““ we get aide-r these difl'erences increase. A 50—year-old reason Is that some drivers are lllfqli' m be Impaired -- Llri vur may require :11 least twice ab' much light to see the by alcohol or dam g5. With night melon problem 5. hr by 513 me thing in night m,- a ZLchar-utd.

fatigue. '

What )‘tiu do in tht: daytime can also affect your night

visit-in. Ftir example. if gnu spend flit: dfly in bright sunshine you are. wise tn- wear Hungiunxen‘. Yuur eyes will have lesH Irl'l-IJl'l-IE. adjusting In night. But il'yuu’rc


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