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Anti-Lock Brakes {ABS}

Year Buick has an advanced electronic braking system that will help pTeuEhl skidding.

This; light on the insnument panel will go on when you start your vehicle.



When yuu start your vehicle. ur when you begin to drive away, you may hear a meme-min}- meter or clicking noise. And you ma}r even notice that your brake pedal mnveg :5 hide while this is going en. This is the ABS system testing itself. If there‘s a problem with Ihe anti-luck brake system. the anti-leek brake system warning lighl will stay on or flush.

See "Anti-leek Brake System Warning Light“ in the Index.

Here's how anIi-Ieelc works. Let‘s say the read is wel. You‘re driving safely. Suddenly am animaljumps {ml in i'mnl of yuu.


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