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There's semething HIM about drinking and dfla’iflg that Cnntml [If a Vehicle many people don’t know. Medical research shews that

3190110] in a person's system can make crash [I'll-MES You have three systems that make your vehicle get where worse That' 5 especially true f0]; brain. spinal cord and you want It to go. "I‘heg,r are the brakes, the steentlg and heart tnj uries. That means that if anyone who has. been the accelerator. All three systems have to do their work drinking -- driver er passenger -- is in a crash. the at '1'”: 1313““ where the tires "13‘“ the mad,

chance of being killed er [numerically disabled' :5 higher than if that person had not been drinking. And we've already seen that the chance Of a crash itseli' is higher for drinking drivers.

Sometimes. as when you‘re driving on snow or ice, it's easy to ask more of these central systems than Ihe tires and read can pmvide.Thatmet1ns yeu can lee: centre] of your vehicle.


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