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About 20,011? motor vehicle-related deaths occur each

year because of alcohol. and thousands of people are injured.

Just how much aicohol is too much if a person plans to driiie'rI Ideally. no one should drink alcohol and then drive. But ii" one does. then what's “too much"? It can be a lot less than many might think. Although it depends on each person and situation. here is some general information on the problem.

The Blood Alcohol Content {BBC} of someone who is drinking depends upon four Ihings:

I How much alcohol is in the drink, '- The drinker's body weight.

I The amount of food that is consumed before and during drinking.

I The length of time it has taken the drinker to consume the alcohol.

According to the American Medical Association, a ISO-pound [32 kg} person who drinks. three Il—ounoe {355 ml] bottles of beer in an hour will end up with a BAC of about ELDE- percent. The person wouid reach the some BAC by drinking three 4-onnoe [120 ml} glasses of wine or three mixed drinks if each had [—13% ounces (45 ml] of s liquor like whiskey. gin or Vodka.


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