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Defensive Driving

The host advice anyone can give about driving is: Drive defensively.

Please start with a very importanl safety device in your Buick: Buckle up. (See “Safety Belts" in the Index.)

Defensive driving really means. “he ready Fur anything." (in cit}r streets1 rural roads. nr freeways, it means “alwaya expect the line): peeled."

Assume dtat pedestrians or other drivers are going to be careless and make mistakes. Anlicipttte what they might do. Be ready for their mistakes.

Rear-end collisions are ahoul the "[051 preventable UI' accidents. Yet they are common. Allow enough following distance. 11‘s the hen defensive driving maneuver, in both city and rural driving. You never know when the vehicle in front of you is going to brake (If [urn suddenly.

Drunken Driving

Death and injury associated wilh drinking and driving is a national tragedy. It's the number one contributor to the highway death toll. Claiming thousands of victims every year. Alcohol Lakes-t avvay three things that anyone needs to drive a vehicle:

0 Judgment i Muscular Coordination i llt'ision

Police records show that almost halfot'all motor vehicle-related deaths involve alcohol a driver. a passenger or someone else. such as a pedestrian. had been drinking. In most cases. these deaths are the result of sortteone who was drinking and driving.

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