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Press PREV to hear the previous track. If you hold the litilE‘rrr button or press it more than once. die disc will return to previous tracks.


Press NEXT to hear the nest Ira ck now {instead of waiting until the present track is finished.) If you hold this button. or press it more than once. the disc will advance further.


Press STt'P'L. the disc will stop and the radio will play. Press STr'PL again to restan the disc at the point where it stopped.

Press the P‘WR button or turn the ignition key otT to stop the disc player. The disc stays in the player and will resume playing at the point where it Stopped.


Press EJECT and the disc will eject and the radio will play. The disc will Start at track 1 when you reinsert it.

Anti-Th ei‘t Feature

Dclco Loo His an anti-theft feature for the compact disc player. When you activate the anti-theft feature. your CD player won’t be usenble if it is ever stolen. because it will. go into a LDC mode when battery power is removed. If battery power is turned otT by the Battery Rundown Protection feature. the CD player will also go into a LDC mode. If your car loses battery power for any reason. you must unlock the system with your secret code before the system will turn on. The following instructions tell you how to enter your secret code into the system.

1. Write down any Er-digit number and keep it in n safe place.

2. Tom the ignition to the “Accessory" or the “Run" position.

3. Press PWR to turn the radio off.

4. Press the I and 4 pushbuttcns together. Hold them down until "~ ~ 1" shows on the display.

You are now ready to enter your secret code. Don‘t wait more than 15 seconds between steps.

5. Press SET and ‘tiflW will appear on the display.

15. Press SEEK q or button to make the first number appear.


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